Special Assessment Survey

The survey has been completed. Please stay tuned to our website for future updates. Below is the information on dredging that was provided with the survey.

The Windsor Parke Property Owners Association Board of Directors have unanimously voted to begin the dredging of our major lake system.  An estimated total cost of $900,000 has been obtained to dredge all four larger lakes.  Work will begin in the near future on Lake 3, Sutton Park Drive South to Sutton Park Drive North. The amounts in this survey would be for a one-time assessment.

Why Dredge?

  • The water handling capacity of the four major lakes has been seriously diminished over the years. Total situ (dredged material) to be removed from the lake system was estimated to be 40,000 cubic feet established by the hydrographic study.
  • Possible commercial building projects will require additional water handling capacity, i.e. Steinmann, Landstar, along Hodges and Windsor Commons.
  • Eventual expansion of Hodges Blvd. by the city.
  • The treatment of the lakes in February with Alum decreased vegetation and bacteria growth considerably. The encapsulation of nitrogen by the Alum is a short-term fix. Nitrogen will continue to be added to the lake system due to residential and commercial fertilization runoff thereby causing the increased growth of vegetation and bacteria in the future.  Dredging will remove this encapsulated nitrogen and decaying material.
  • The vacuuming of the dead vegetation muck on the bottom of the lakes does not address the future capacity requirements.

Without Dredging

  • Possible flooding, future residential / commercial expansion or hurricanes, will cause our lake system to handle greater amounts of water. Without dredging low areas in all communities may be flooded.
  • Odors from bacteria and decaying vegetation will increase.
  • Having to re-treat lakes with Alum and additional chemicals will introduce more heavy metals into our ecosystem.
  • Decreased visual aesthetics from flowing vegetation will directly affect property values.
  • Our 2013 Reserve Study recommended the dredging of our lake system starting in 2020 through 2035. However, as our studies have proven, it needs to be done as soon as possible.


  • WPPOA BOD has approved the dredging of Lake 3, Sutton Park Drive South to Sutton Park Drive North, for the removal of approximately 18,000 cubic yards of situ for a cost of approximately $409,000.
  • Methods of payment currently being considered:
    • Payment of entire project from current reserve funds. This would only leave approximately $30,000 in the reserve account.
    • Secure a loan of $100,000 over five years at 5.5 APR.
    • A one-time special assessment, thus hopefully raising sufficient funds to allow for the dredging of all the lakes ($900,000).