Architectural Review Committee

Dear Neighbor:

As you all know, the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) reviewed and rewrote all of the Lakewood Association legal documents in 2012, which the Lakewood Board subjected to legal review and editing and then adopted. Eighty-five percent (85%) of the residents voted in favor of these new documents, which have now been recorded. This is a testament of the residents’ great desire to maintain this wonderful neighborhood environment and protect our property values.

Five ARC aims during this process were:

  • to make the new documents applicable solely to our self governing;
  • to provide adequate enforcement, so lacking before;
    to clearly describe the standards and violations;
  • to request remedies to the violations and not just fines; and
  • to develop a process, which would be clear, uniform, prompt, and documented.

If residents wish to make changes to their property, the first and most important procedure is to make a written request to the ARC for their review and approval/disapproval, which must signed by three ARC members. The Board serves as the appeal agent for any ARC decision. However, as in the past, certain violations may occur, which must be remedied, if possible.

To that end, the ARC has developed a three step notification process to inform the resident of the violation and to document the enforcement of the new documents.

The letters include: (The letters are generic and will be used as the format for individual letters as required)

  1. First Notification Letter identifying the specific violation and providing the resident a two week grace period to correct it.
  2. Second Notification Letter stating the violation has not been corrected and providing one week to remedy the violation before enforcement.
  3. Final notification Letter referring the matter to the Board and requesting it take the appropriate actions to enforce the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions.

The best enforcement and remedy is the willingness of all residents to voluntarily adhere to the Lakewood legal documents, which now are in force.

On behalf of the ARC and Board, we wish to thank all of you for your support and cooperation for this past effort and hope our neighborhood will continue to be a wonderful place to live.

More ARC information and forms